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Shortcut for Ignoring Tracked Files in Git

Sometimes I make temporary changes to files that I need for the time being but never want to commit, while needing to commit other stuff. I can’t stash the changes because I need them constantly. Thanks to this article and … Continue reading

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Dynamic Linking of Shared Libraries in Go

Dynamic linking has taken a lot of flack from the go team, and they present some pretty irrefutable points, and yet I still feel like this is a necessary solution in some cases. Perhaps dynamic linking as we’ve all come … Continue reading

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Preseeding debian with software RAID (The kernel was unable to re-read the partition table … Invalid argument)

This is a problem I’ve been occasionally going back to for a couple months now. The problem is that I’m using preseed.cfg to perform a fully unattended debian installation via netboot and I keep hitting my head on this one … Continue reading

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Dynamic query filters for django

I’ve been stuck on this and looked around and found some fascinating & clever solutions, but the other day I realized how simple this really need be. The problem: You have an undetermined number of constraints you may want to … Continue reading

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Webkit (Python + GTK) on Debian Lenny

Note: an alternative to all of these arduous/sketchy steps is simply to go with an older version of pywebkitgtk, like version 1.0.2… but that’s almost 2 years old at this point. I’ll take the newer stuff. python-gtk2 No biggie, just … Continue reading

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Interesting list sorting in python

This isn’t really worthy of a blog post as it’s somewhat rudimentary and easily found right in the docs (though sort of indirectly), but it is something that was mostly overlooked by me until recently. The trick is is mylist.sort(key=…). … Continue reading

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