Favorite gnome shell extensions

  • “No topleft hot corner” — Prevents the activities view when you mouse-over the  activities button
  • “Panel world clock” — Always set to GMT
  • “Pomodoro” — A simple pomodor timer
  • “Put windows” — super-arrow keys, super num keys to move windows around to different regions
  • “Workspace Grid” — (When it works,) lets you rearrange the workspace layout
  • “Mulitple monitor panels” — (When it works, ) displays window previews on both screens instead of just one.





About andyortlieb

I often find myself figuring out some niche oddities, only to find myself stuck on those same problems a year later due to my wide yet thin activity in certain topics related to my career and hobbies. This blog is where I document these nuances (or nuisances) to ease my pain the second time around, and hopefully that of some other fellow desperate internet scouts.
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One Response to Favorite gnome shell extensions

  1. negesti says:

    thx for mentiioning put windows 🙂

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