Cheats to ignore files in git

I have this clump in my ~/.bashrc …

This provides the following commands:

git-ignore /some/filename/
git-unignore /some/file/name

## Git stuff, helpers
git config --global AndyO
git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore
git_ignore () 
 if grep -e "^$1\$" ~/.gitignore; then
 echo $1 already ignored;
 echo $1 >> ~/.gitignore;
git_unignore ()
 sed -e "/^$( sed -e 's/[]\/()$*.^|[]/\\&/g' <<< $1 )\$/d" ~/.gitignore -i
alias git-ignore=git_ignore
alias git-ignore-list='cat ~/.gitignore'
alias git-unignore=git_unignore
alias git-unignore-all='( > ~/.gitignore)'

If you desired, you could easily change the functions to loop over $@ to allow the user to provide more than one filename at a time.


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I've been a tinkerer and a lazy ideologist since I gained my first personal computer in 1989. I have an aversion to formal education and I prefer to learn things by experimentation. That is not a brag, it has not been a particularly helpful set of traits. My primary goals are to increase my safety, pleasure and usefulness as I work to build and modify technologies that will bring those same attributes to the masses irrespective of government. This is the documentation of my attempt at that journey.
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