Favorite parts from “A Tour of Go” (in order)

If you happen to see this, bear with me I’m not done yet.

  1. Variable scope defined pre-exec to if-statements are available in else blocks. http://tour.golang.org/#22
  2. If-statements have a pre-exec section just like for-statments. http://tour.golang.org/#21
  3. As common, any portion of the for statement can be omitted (pre, while, post), but with one statement and no semicolon, it behave as a where.  Also for { … } is short-hand for an infinite loop. http://tour.golang.org/#17 http://tour.golang.org/#18 http://tour.golang.org/#19
  4. “Maps” in go are like dicts in python, but with a strictly typed key, but the key can apparently be any type! http://tour.golang.org/#30 (In the tour example, try flipping the string and Vertex types in the map declaration as well as the definition, it works)
  5. You don’t have to dereference a pointer to use its value.  http://tour.golang.org/#26


Go back and re-read these wierd things:


About andyortlieb

I often find myself figuring out some niche oddities, only to find myself stuck on those same problems a year later due to my wide yet thin activity in certain topics related to my career and hobbies. This blog is where I document these nuances (or nuisances) to ease my pain the second time around, and hopefully that of some other fellow desperate internet scouts.
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