Different require proof of concept, abusing eval for the sake of clearer definitions

// Sample module libraries (would probably be in their own files)
someModules = { 
	testModule: {test: function(){console.log("test from someModule")}},
	anotherModule: { doStuff: function(){console.log("Doin stuffs!");}}

sampleRequire = function() {
	// Load the modules
	for (var i=arguments.length-2; i>=0; --i){

		// Create a local variable reference to the module
		eval ('var '+arguments[i]+' = someModules.'+arguments[i].toString());

	// Redefine the programmer's function so that it has my local vars in its scope
	eval("var fn = "+arguments[arguments.length-1]);

	return fn;

// Main code...
sampleRequire( 'testModule', 'anotherModule',

About andyortlieb

I've been a tinkerer and a lazy ideologist since I gained my first personal computer in 1989. I have an aversion to formal education and I prefer to learn things by experimentation. That is not a brag, it has not been a particularly helpful set of traits. My primary goals are to increase my safety, pleasure and usefulness as I work to build and modify technologies that will bring those same attributes to the masses irrespective of government. This is the documentation of my attempt at that journey.
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