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Preseeding debian with software RAID (The kernel was unable to re-read the partition table … Invalid argument)

This is a problem I’ve been occasionally going back to for a couple months now. The problem is that I’m using preseed.cfg to perform a fully unattended debian installation via netboot and I keep hitting my head on this one … Continue reading

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Dealing with SYSLINUX

Syslinux is simple and works great, but I wasted a lot of time today with a setup that refused to boot. Apparently if you install syslinux on a bootable partition, that just isn’t enough for the PC to boot. By … Continue reading

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Modify & Rebuild an initrd Image

Let’s assume your image is located at  ./boot-contents/initrd.gz # Get into an empty directory mkdir initrd-files cd initrd-files # Unpack the image zcat ../boot-contents/ | cpio -id Now make whichever changes you need. # Rebuild the image find . | … Continue reading

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